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Terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of the online store are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot).

The online store is managed by:

Modri zvok, Andrej Antunovič s.p., Ulica Eve Lovše 14, 2000 Maribor, Slovenia



Products can be ordered in the online store, via e-mail or by phone.

The price displayed next to the individual product is in EUR and includes VAT, but does not include the possible cost of shipping the product to your address.

The price of ordered products sent by mail or through parcel distributors, may be increased by the value charged for this service by the post office or package distributor.

At the end of the purchase in the online store, you must agree to our terms of business.


Availability of products

Products in stock in our warehouse will be sent by courier to your address no later than the third day after receiving payment. If the desired product is not currently in stock, we will inform you about its availability to your email address as soon as possible.

If the delivery date is unacceptable for the customer or the product is permanently unavailable due to force majeure (lack of semiconductor chips on the world market, war, etc.) and the customer does not want to replace it with a suitable alternative, we will refund the purchase price in full.

Personal collection or delivery of the product

a. Personal collection at the company headquarters

If you decide to pick it up in person during the ordering process, the product will be waiting for you at our Modri zvok office, Tržaška 44, 2000 Maribor. You will be able to pick up the goods based on a prior agreement by e-mail or phone.

b. Shipping by mail to the buyer's address

Our contractual partner for postal and parcel distribution in the case of sending goods from our warehouse is the company DPD. In the case of shipping, under certain conditions it is possible for the purchase price to be increased by shipping costs. Shipping costs are visible to the buyer before completing the purchase.



Payment terms are subject to agreement at the time of purchase. In the case of a purchase in the online store, it is only possible to pay with a payment card or PayPal.

When ordering products by phone or e-mail, the payment terms will be indicated on the issued proforma invoice. Possible payment methods are:

  • Cash in Advance

  • Cash Payment at our point of sale in the shop Modri zvod

  • Payment by payment card

  • PayPal payment



To claim the warranty and service maintenance, the buyer contacts the company Modri zvok, Andrej Antunovič s.p. The warranty is valid subject to the product's instructions for use and presentation of the invoice. Unless otherwise stated, the warranty period for all products in the Modri zvod online store is 2 years from the purchase of the product.


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), you can return ordered goods purchased under a distance contract (which also includes online purchases) without giving a reason.

If you decide to withdraw from the contract, you have the right to inform us by e-mail within 14 days of the purchase that you are withdrawing from the contract. In this case, we will inform you by email about further procedures related to the return of the goods. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the cost of delivery of the goods shall be borne by the buyer.

An online purchase is only considered a purchase through the purchase process in our online store. All agreements or purchases via separate invoices or physical purchases made in our sales area are not subject to return of goods.

The buyer, who withdraws from the contract or order, must return the goods undamaged, in the original packaging and in the same quantity and send them to the seller at his own expense. We do not accept ransom payments. Before using the products/goods, check their suitability! Return of already used products is not possible!

The right to withdraw from the contract only applies to inspecting the goods as you would in a store. This is not the right to a 14-day free trial of the product!


Refund process

The company Modri zvok, Andrej Antunovič s.p. to the buyer who withdraws from the contract and returns the product, refunds the received purchase price to the transaction account no later than fourteen days after returning the product.

We reserve the right to reduce the refund in case of wear, incomplete return or damage to the product.



The buyer can complain about the goods if they do not have the properties that the seller explicitly promised, if the seller sent the wrong products, in the wrong quantity, color or otherwise deviate from the buyer's order. The buyer can complain about the goods within the statutory period and under the conditions for asserting a complaint due to a material defect.

Complaints are accepted by e-mail at or at our point of sale in the Modri zvok store.

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