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PSB Imagine XC centre speaker

PSB Imagine XC centre speaker


The PSB Imagine XC center speaker delivers natural, dynamic sound that will make it the star of your home theater speaker system. The Imagine line borrows technologies developed for PSB's top-of-the-line Synchrony speaker series, giving you premium sound at an affordable price. Imagine XC also features clean lines and a slim cabinet design that won't clog up your listening room.


  • Tech specs:

    • 1" dome Tweeter
    • 2 x 5.25" clay ceramic-filled polypropylene Woofer
    • Frequency Response 50-23000 Hz
    • Sensitivity 90db
    • Impedance: 8ohms
    • Power Range: 20-150watts
    • Weight: 9.00 kg
    • Dimensions(HxWxD): 172.0 x 486.0 x 281.0mm
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