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Pro-Ject X1 B turntable with Pick it S2 MM head

Pro-Ject X1 B turntable with Pick it S2 MM head


Balanced audio connections are usually known in the professional sector, such as recording studios or live concerts. It is very important to have a stable connection without interference, as these signals will be greatly amplified. The same applies to connecting your turntable to a turntable preamplifier. A big advantage of a balanced connection is its ability to remove perceived noise and interference. Best of all, turntables are inherently balanced signal converters!  You don't throw away half the usable signal, as is done with typical single-ended RCA phono connections. The X1 B has mini XRL and RCA outputs as well as our standard semi-balanced Connect it Phono E RCA cable. By upgrading to our fully balanced mini XLR to mini XLR version (sold separately) and using a balanced turntable such as our Phono Box S3 B or DS3 B, you're all set for a True Balanced experience. This leads to increased dynamics, less noise and an improved signal-to-noise ratio.

  • Technical characteristics

    Speed: 33, 45, 78 (electronic speed change)

    Platter: 20mm thick, 1.5 kg heavy acryl

    Tonearm: 8,6” carbon/aluminium sandwich

    Effective arm length: 218,5 mm

    Included accessories: 15volts DC /0,8A power supply, Dust cover, Connect it E Phono cable, feltmat

    Dimensions: 415 x 125 x 335 mm (WxHxD)

    Weight: 7 kg net / 9.5 kg gross weight

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