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Pro-Ject T1 OM5 turntable

Pro-Ject T1 OM5 turntable


The elegant wooden base has no plastic parts and is carefully designed so that there are no hollow spaces inside, thus avoiding unwanted vibrations. Also withthe glass plate joins this philosophy.

The basic model of the record player, which boasts an excellent ratio between price and quality.

  • Technical characteristics

    Speed 33.45 (manual speed change)

    Belt drive

    Plate: 8 mm glass plate with felt lining

    Main bearing Stainless steel / brass

    Signal-to-noise ratio: 65dB

    Handle: 8.6 inch aluminum Handle length: 218.5mm

    Overhang 22.0 mm

    Effective handle weight: 8.0 g Counterweight 5 - 10 g (pre-installed)

    Included accessories dust cover, felt

    Built-in power supply: 230V 50Hz (USA: 110V 60Hz)

    Power consumption: 3 W max

    Dimensions: 415x100x335 mm (WxHxD)

    Weight: 3.8 kg net

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