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Norstone Jura PWC Power Cable

Norstone Jura PWC Power Cable


Norstone Jura with a copper conductor diameter (OCC) of 5.23mm is intended for customers who own high-end components. It consists of the best components on the market, inside and out. Thanks to aluminum and carbon fibers, it works prestigiously, and thanks to the excellent internal composition, it plays superbly. It contains one of the rarest elements in the world, rhodium, which is 17 times more expensive than gold. The braided conductor is of course OCC of superior purity of more than 99.99998%.

  • Technical characteristics

    Wrap material: Black and silver fabric braid with flexible texture

    Socket: 1x Shuko; aluminum and carbon fiber body

    Connector: 1×3 full IEC-C15

    Minimum length: 1 m


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