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Norstone Bergen 2 TV stand

Norstone Bergen 2 TV stand

€ 359,00Price

The Bergen audiophile stands have quickly established themselves as the most sought-after piece of audiophile furniture from Norstone.
The rigidity of the BERGEN 2 AV stand has been increased by placing shelves between the legs of the stand.
The Norston stand Bergen 2 AV with three large shelves is an ideal piece of furniture for high-end audio-video systems. Its height is optimized for placing a large flat screen. It is thus presented as a piece of furniture suitable for both audio and video use. Legs attached to the tops improve the rigidity of the assembly. Each floor of the rack, including the bottom level, has its own point separation/restriction system.

  • Technical specification

    Shelves: 40 kg
    Lower shelves: 40 kg

    External dimensions (W x H x D): 1058 x 529 x 500 mm
    Shelves (W x D): 460 x 402 mm (x2)
    Height between shelves: (a) 182 mm (b) 242 mm


    Delivered disassembled with screws, drawing and tools required for assembly
    Quantity/box: 1
    Dimensions (W x H x D): 1150 x 115 x 585 mm
    Gross weight: 39.9 kg
    Net weight: 35 kg


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