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Norstone Arran RCA cable

Norstone Arran RCA cable


The NORSTONE ARRAN Stereo RCA Cable is an excellent mid-range analog stereo interconnect cable. It is used for signal transfer between analogue and digital Hi-Fi components. In addition to excellent component materials, the cables are superbly manufactured. Gold-plated contacts, a textile protective cover and a luxurious feel are features that will definitely add quality to your sound compared to the supplied cables. If you have purchased new, high-quality audio and/or video equipment, it is worth investing in good connections, as this is the only way to get the most out of the devices.

  • Technical characteristics


    • OFC conductors 2 x 4mm2
    • Gold plated contacts
    • Specific sound direction
    • Aluminum protection
    • Woven black textile cover
    • Dimensions of the sheath 4 mm
    • Length: 1.5 meters
    • Packed in a handsome steel box
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