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NAD C 568 CD player

NAD C 568 CD player


Although CDs are often dismissed as relics of the past, at NAD they recognize the pride and joy we feel when browsing through a personal CD collection. Whether it's to marvel at the album artwork or the music itself, the process of buying and opening a CD is both intimate and sacred. With the C 568 CD player, your CDs finally get the attention they deserve. Whether it's a newly purchased CD or a personal mix you've made for yourself, the C 568 will play the disc flawlessly without any skips or glitches. Building on the success of the C 565BEE, the C 568 includes all the features you need for a simple and joyful CD listening experience. Together with the new NAD CD-8 remote control, the C 568 provides a high level of performance worthy of your music library.

  • Technical characteristics

    • Power output analog connections: 2.2 ± 0.1 V, Optical: -22.5 ±3.5dBm, Coaxial: 650 ±150mV
    • Frequency range: ±0.3 dB (ref. 0 dB 20 Hz-1 kHz), ±0.5 dB (ref. 0 dB 5 kHz-20 kHz)
    • Distortion: <0.01% (ref. 1 kHz, Audio LPF)
    • Dynamic range:95dB
    • Standby power consumption: <0.5W
    • Dimensions: (W x H x D):435 x 80 x 306mm
    • Weight:4.9 kg
    • Weight with packaging: 6.9 kg
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